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Travel nursing gives the nurse a new-found freedom - the freedom to be let loose of the chains of politics, the freedom to choose where you want to be, the freedom to be a snowbird at the age of thirty-five instead of sixty-five, the freedom to be the nurse that you want to be.

Experience life!  In my five years of traveling, I have been in hospitals with only fifty beds to a hospital to others with almost a thousand beds.  You can find yourself in towns as small as five thousand people to a major city with a million.  Epstein has personally been in the desert, on the side of a mountain, and near the beach. She has been to Mardi Gras, the Mall of America, looked at presidents on the side of a mountain etched in stone, viewed the grandest canyon of all, and crossed the mighty Mississippi several times.  She has watched the world champion Arizona Diamondbacks, St. Louis Cardinals, and the great contenders - the Cleveland Indians.  She has been a fan of the Carolina Panthers, the Tennessee Titans, and the Seattle Seahawks.  Natural disasters such as Hurricane Wilma, a California earthquake, and several tornadoes are no strangers to a travel nurse.

Travel nurses don't have so many "frequent flyers," but they have "frequent memorable patients."  Travel nurses touch the lives of people who are in faraway places from their hometown. 

You will be proud to state that you are a traveling nurse!   And then...you'll have to explain exactly what you do:  travel throughout the United States taking care of people, and that you are a "contract nurse."

People, Places, and Patients - THAT is what travel nursing is all about!








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