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Thank you for interest in our services!

After filling out this form, JC and Epstein will go to work for you!  First we match you with the company benefits and personality, then we will contact the company to see if they have the right job for you.  If they do not, then we will go to the next best company and ask if they have the right job for you, and continue that process until we find the perfect assignment for you.  ONLY when we find the perfect assignment, will we release your information to the traveling company.

To start making matches with nurses who are excellent matches for your company, all you have to do is take a few moments and fill out this form!




Your Name: 

Street Address: 


State:    Zip Code:     Phone: 

Your Email: 

What Is Your Classification (RN, LPN)?

Any Special Certificates: 

How Many Year Experience Do You have? 

What Units Are You Proficient In?

Where Do You Want To Go? 


Forget that ploy for 29 points to make a love connection!!!  We have 30 points to help you make your job connection!!!   The following questions pertain to the benefits that you are looking for, the recruiter you are looking for, and our personality.  Choose the one that CLOSEST represents you!.


Benefit Questions:

  1. What size of company are you looking for?
  2. What area are you looking to travel to? 
  3. What kind of health insurance are you looking for? 
  4. What insurance co-pay are you looking for? 
  5. What kind of insurance deductible are you looking for?   
  6. When do you need your insurance to start?
  7. What type of housing are you looking for? 
  8. What type of utilities are you looking for
  9. Are you looking for corporate housing? 
  10. What type of Retirement are you looking for? 
  11. How often are you looking to be paid?  
  12. What type of "sick day" policy are you looking for? 
  13. What type of policy are you looking for between assignments? 
  14. What type of prescreening are you looking for? 
  15. What type of continuing education are you looking for? 
  16. What type of rental car policy are you looking for?
  17. What type of tax advantage program are you looking for? 


Recruiter To Nurse Communications:

  1. What is your preferred method of communication? 
  2. How how do you NEED to talk to your recruiter? 
  3. What kind of relationship do you want with a recruiter? 


Personality Questions:  (Choose The One That Fits You BEST)





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