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When are you going to send me an invoice?

An invoice will be sent for the referral match when the nurse is placed.  It will be due 13 weeks from when the traveling nurse starts that assignment.  For all job postings (which is completely different than the match referral), an invoice will be sent after an email is sent with your posting request.


Do travel companies have to post their jobs?

No, companies are not in any way obligated to post their jobs.  The jobs listing is an option for those who might have hard to fill jobs.  If no one uses this feature in the first year of existence, it will be taken off the site.


What is the ultimate purpose of this website?

To connect traveling nurses to quality companies.  Too much time is spent by nurses searching for the "perfect" travel company.  With my knowledge of the travel companies in the past five years, I believe that I can successfully assist nurses in this tedious task by doing a quick comparison in my database.


When is the referral fee due?

The referral fee is due whenever the travel company usually pays their referral fees.  Some pay after the nurse has worked 2 weeks, some pay after the assignment is complete.  It will definitely be due after the nurse completes the assignment.  Once the nurse is placed, the you will receive an invoice with a date due which is 13 weeks from the nurses start date.





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