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Once you have decided on a travel company, you will then need to pick a place for them to submit your profile. Be very careful to keep track of what company has sent your profile to which hospital. Your chances at that hospital can be ruined if two different travel companies submit your profile to the same place.

The next step is investigating the hospital and community at which you are looking. Search the Internet for more information. Search area chat rooms and do a search on a messaging program for people in that area.

Are you worried about the crime rate in that area? Go to, then click on the “moving” tab. There you will find a link for planning your move and a link to look up the crime rate in that area. You can also find out if the salary they are offering you is about the same as you were previously making through their salary comparison tool.

Another excellent source for information is on This is especially useful if you are going to assist a company in obtaining your own housing. You can also compare what your company is setting you up in with other housing that is available in that area.

Find out what amenities are available at the apartment or motel. Do they have a pool or spa? What about a workout or weight room? Do they allow pets, and if so, how much do they charge for a pet deposit?

If you travel in a recreational vehicle, you definitely want to find out if there are any RV parks close by that accept long-term visitors. I am just finding out now that some of the newer parks will only accept you if your vehicle was made within the last ten years.

If you have a child, you might want to find out what schools are available or what support systems are available for home-schooled children. You may also want to know what local churches are there and what kind of teen's/children's programs they have.

Always find out the exact location of the hospital. Know what area of town the hospital is in, then use that information to check out the crime rate of the hospital area.

You might consider working in a higher crime rate area, but would you want to live there? Do you have a “high-crime” plan of action? Can your husband taking you to work and pick you up? Many people would much rather work in an area of low crime, but the amenities of a bigger hospital and town are worth the 13-week assignment.

With a little investigation, you can have a great and safe assignment!


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